Trip announcements are usually posted on the listserv.

Most MOC trips are organized by MOC members. They usually run at cost (the amount of money spent on the trip divided equally among the participants). If you run a trip, don't forget to apply for the Trip Leader Subsidy!

So you want to organize a trip...

We encourage members to run their own trips. Many of our execs have learned new activities by running a trip featuring that very activity. So no experience is necessary except where technical skills are required such as rock climbing and backcountry skiing. If you have any questions about running a trip that are not answered in this article, you can contact the executive!


Gathering information

  1. Choose an activity and a destination.
  2. The MOC office a great library with books, guides, maps and magazines to help you plan your trip.
  3. Contact an activity exec - they're there to help you out!
  4. Search the Internet, especially Google Maps
  5. If you want to organize a trip but you don't have the proper experience to lead it, you can find someone who does by contacting other members on the listserv.

Announcing your trip

  1. Come to an MOC meeting and announce your trip.
  2. Announce your trip on the listserv.
  3. Include the following information: Trip description, Departure and Arrival, Estimated cost, Deposit, Maximum amount of people, Number of cars needed, Required Gear, Required Skills, Leader Contact Information.

Signing people up

  • Member-run trips can be open to anyone.
  • Insisting on a deposit ensures that people are serious.
  • Keep a waiting list so when a spot opens up, you are ready to fill it.


Figure out how to get to the trail head or "put-in" by car. Make sure your itinerary includes water sources near your intended campsites! Alternate campsites and evacuation routes are also important to consider.


Check for participants with food allergies on your trip waiver and medical inquiry form. There are two main ways of planning trip food:

  • Get participants to form groups of four, which plan there meals independently
  • Get people to volunteer in planning one meal for the group.
  • Have people pack their own lunches, it makes meal planning a lot simpler. You can also share communal food items like peanut butter and jam.



  • Organize a rental party and bring as many participants as you can. This will prevent you from forgetting an important piece of group gear.
  • Bring a first aid kit!
  • Bring some cameras and take pictures!

Before you leave

  • Tell someone who isn't going on the trip where you're going and when you're coming back, so that if you don't come back, they know where, and when, to start looking for you.
  • Make sure every driver has a map; do not expect people to be able to follow the lead car. Avoid rush hours when leaving for a trip.

When you return

  • Fill out a trip leader's form and get your Trip Leader Subsidy! $5 per head for all the MOC people, up to the cost of the trip!
  • If you have valid Wilderness First Aid certifications, you can ask for the Wilderness First Aid Trip Leader Subsidy. This can give you a little extra money to pay off the debt from the cost of those expensive courses.
  • Come to a meeting and brag! Tell members what happened. Send the execs a trip report. Come show your pictures or slides to other members and make everyone jealous! Post some pics on our Facebook!

Have fun on your trip!