All MOC members have access to our wide selection of gear at student friendly prices. Gear is rented out on a weekly basis, with daily late fees equal to 1/7 the cost of a weeks rental. You can check out our inventory here.

The maximum period of rental is 4 weeks.
Each member is allowed to rent at a time, unless they have a specific permission from the Gear Manager ( [email protected]):
– one (1) tent
– 2 crashpads
– up to three (3) items of the same type

Please note: in addition to the normal rental fee, a credit card deposit is required for every gear rental. Deposit are kept on file to be used for all rentals, and securely destroyed when your membership expires. Please note that you are responsible for full, as-new replacement cost of the gear, which may exceed the deposit value.

Try to come earlier during the week to secure your gear, as we often run out and we do not reserve gear.

Camping Gear

Bear Proof Food Canisters
Bivi Sacks
Compression Sacks
Dry Bags (large)
Dry Bags (small)
Sleeping bags (Indoor/Summer)$1.00
Sleeping bags (Three season/Winter)$5.00
Sleeping pads (foam)$1.00
Sleeping pads (Inflatable Therma-Rest)$5.00
Stoves (canister)
Stoves (alcohol)$2.00
Stoves (liquid fuel)
Tents (3 season)
Tents (4 season)
Trekking Poles (pair)

Climbing Gear

Rock Climbing Shoes
$ 6.00
Crash Pads (2 per person max)
$ 5.00
$ 3.00
Helmets$ 1.00
Ice Climbing Tools (Pair)
$ 10.00
Mountaineering Axes (Single)
$ 3.00
Ice Climbing Crampons
$ 5.00
Mountaineering Crampons (half-strap)
$ 5.00
$ 3.00
Mountaineering Boots
$ 7.00

Snow Sports

$ 3.00
Telemark Skis
$ 15.00
Telemark Boots (Plastic)
$ 10.00
Telemark Climbing Skins
$ 5.00
Ski Poles
At the House
Cross-Country Skis At the House
Cross-Country Ski Boots At the House
Cross-Country Ski Poles At the House
SkatesAt the House

Safety Equipment

First Aid Kits
$ 1.00
White water throw-bags
$ 2.00
Avalanche Beacons (digital)
$ 10.00
Avalanche Probes $ 1.00
Avalanche Shovels $ 3.00
Two-way Radios (walkie-talkies)
$ 5.00
Personal Locator Beacons (Fast Find 210)
$ 10.00

*Equipment rented at the house is for one-day use and no deposit is given.

If we don’t have what you need, there are a couple of other options for you depending on what you need.

For daily excursions in Montreal, McGill Athletics rents equipment.

For longer trips outside of Montreal, you can look into MEC although it can be quite expensive.