For over sixty years, the MOC has offered its members a chance to escape the stresses of the city by staying at our House in the Laurentian town of Prevost! Located 45 minutes north of Montreal by car, the House is a great place to relax and spend the night after a day of hiking, climbing, skiing, shinny, or swimming! The house is heated and has a two stove kitchen, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

Who’s invited?

Any MOC member may stay at the House and bring up to two guests each.

House Fees


  • $15 first night, $10 first night if sleeping outside.
  • $10 each night thereafter, $5 each night thereafter if sleeping outside.


  • $20 first night, $15 first night if sleeping outside.
  • $15 each night thereafter, $10 each night thereafter if sleeping outside.

How to stay at the House in 3 easy steps

  1. Check the booking calendar for availability.
  2. Fill out the form below the calendar and click send.
  3. House Management will review your booking and get back to you with details.


  • If you are a member bringing non-member guests (max 2 per member), write down their names in the appropriate box. Your guests will also need to fill out the booking form.
  • If you do not know your MOC number, log in to your MyTurn account: https://mcgilloutdoorsclub.myturn.com/library/myTurnLogin/auth
    and go to your account info

Official House Rules

Please read the house rules before you go.

Respecting other MOC members, guests, and our neighbours and friends in the town of Prevost is very important! Please help us do our part to maintain our relationship with the community.

MOC House Manual

The House Manual contains everything you want to know when planning to go to the house. How to get there? What to bring? What are the important things to check before leaving the house? Note: The Boni-Choix has closed since publication of the Manual 🙁 Some other things are outdated, manual will be updated sooner or later.

MOC Trails

Over many decades, the MOC helped cut most of the trails in the Prévost area, and we continue to help maintain them. They are great for hiking and cross-country skiing. In Fall 2013, the MOC created a new map of the trail network, which is available here. Bring a copy with you when you head up and enjoy the trails!

Detailed Biking Directions to Prevost

  • From Gouin Boulevard, go North at the railroad tracks across an old railroad bridge into Laval.
  • Continue to follow signs for the Route Verte 1 (they can be tricky). You should be continually moving NNW.
  • Turn left onto the Boulevard-Sainte-Rose.
  • Turn right onto the bridge out of Laval. There will be a bike path across the bridge and then it will kind of peters out. This is the only segment without a solid bike path. You will be biking along the Curé-Labelle (117N) for about 3km.
  • Turn right on Chemin de la Cote Saint Louis. You are back on a bike path!
  • Turn left on Route Verte 2.
  • Continue to follow signs for the Route Verte 2 all the way to St Jerome, where it turns into the P’tit Train du Nord.
  • Continue along the P’tit Train until kilometer 14, the old Prévost Train Station.
  • Turn left onto rue de la Station. You are now within 500 meters of the House. If you’ve reserved your spot and paid your house fees, then you know the exact address and how to get the key. If you haven’t shame on you.
  • Google Maps of the directions above


The house has been under the auspices of the club since 1954. Numerous improvements have been made, mostly by members themselves. We are quite handy, (and cheap!) so we welcome anyone with experience in home repair to contact us! You can read more about the purchase of the house here.

Interested in helping AT the House?

The general rule for house work is that 4-5 hrs of work is worth one night’s free stay. If people do more in a day, we cover transportation or food, or both. Work should be pre-approved by the house managers – unless it’s an emergency, of course!

Also, any expenses can be reimbursed or subtracted from house fees owed – but we ask that basic supplies only be bought in small amounts from Prévost when absolutely necessary – since ideally we are told in advance and buy them in bulk in Montreal and bring them up (because it’s cheaper).

For house custodian, the main responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the house is kept clean and rules are respected
  • Maintain an accurate head count
  • Collect house fees
  • Report the condition of the house (if work needs to be done, and what supplies are getting low)

For taking care of this, members get a free nights’ stay. If there’s some work that specifically needs to be done (like mowing the lawn), and we really need someone to go up on a specific weekend, then we would cover transportation as well.

House Custodians are pre-arranged, and expected to fill out a form after each visit detailing how much money was collected, how many people were at the house, a checklist of what supplies are present, the general condition of the house, what extra work they did (if any), and how much transportation reimbursement is requested.

If you would like to be put on the contact list of house custodians, email the house manager!