The McGill Outdoors Club is:

  • Active! The MOC is one of the oldest Outdoors (Outing) Clubs in Montreal, founded in 1936. Every weekend, MOC’ers just like you are out there enjoying themselves in the great outdoors.
  • All over the place. You can say that the MOC is the hiking, camping, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling and climbing clubs combined into one. MOC’ers do it all!
  • A great way to learn stuff. Want to learn first aid? How about telemark skiing? Or maybe ice climbing? The MOC organizes introductory trips for beginners all the time (and they’re usually really cheap).
  • A student club of long standing, recognized by the Students’ Society of McGill University.
    Really old. McGill students have been at this since 1936 (you should see some of the photos).
  • Open to everyone. If you love the outdoors and you live near Montreal, you can join the MOC.
    This includes students from other universities, like Concordia, Université de Montreal, UQAM etc, and even those who are no longer students!
  • Ouvert a tou(te)s . Le club de plein air de McGill existe pour ceux qui aiment la nature. Si vous fréquentez une autre université, comme l’UQAM et l’Université de Montréal, ou même si vous n’êtes plus étudiant, vous êtes les bienvenus.