***Before you read this section: if you are a McGill student, you get a $20 membership price when you pay your fee in person during an office hour. THEREFORE AS A MCGILL STUDENT, DO NOT PAY $25 ONLINE AFTER CREATING AN ACCOUNT. The $25 membership option pops up after you create your account, but you can skip over it***

Create an account

Joining the McGill Students Outdoors Club means you can:

  • Rent gear from the club at very low rates
  • Go on organized club trips
  • Stay at the MOC house in the Laurentians for a reduced rate
  • Borrow from the club’s extensive library
  • Participate in trips organized by the club

All MOC memberships are valid for 365 days from the day you pay for it. It’s never too late to join!

To become a member, come into the MOC office during an office hour.
The membership costs are $20 for McGill students, $25 for everyone else.

When you join, if you plan on renting gear in the future, you can also bring a cheque or credit card to use as a deposit. Please see the gear section for more info.

E-Mail List

Filling out a membership form does not automatically put you on our e-mail list. You have to sign-up to it on your own here.

You do not have to be a MOC member to sign-up to the e-mail list.