THE BRAND NEW MOC SAFETY SUBSIDY! (a subsidy to be safe :)))

Application Guidelines:
  • Any outdoor safety certifications (WFA, AWFA, WFR, AST, HM, etc.) qualify. If you are unsure if it qualifies, email [email protected]. This does NOT include instructor courses (i.e. canoe instructor course to teach canoeing)
  • Must apply after completion of the course
  • Must have receipt indicating the cost of the course
  • Proof of payment (credit/debit card receipt, photo of credit/debit card statement, e-transfer confirmation)
  • Proof of completing the course (i.e. certificate)
  • Course must happen after oct 27th (courses in the future only, no retroactive applications)
  • MUST be an MOC member and McGill Student!

Once you submit your application, the executive will review and approve your application. YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED THIS SUBSIDY EVEN IF YOU MEET ALL THE APPLICATION GUIDELINES. Applications are subject to funding from SSMU.

What you can get:
  • 50% of the cost of your certification (does not include housing, travel, food or other expenses)
  • up to $250 per person

Click HERE to Apply

A BIG thank you to SSMU for funding this initiative!